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Fuel Stock Monitoring - Gresik 2018
7th Jun 2018

Gresik, June 7th 2018 – Fuel Stock Monitoring to ensure supply safety during 2018 homecoming period.....

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Eid Al-Fitr Fuel Post
6th Jun 2018

Kendal, June 6th 2018 – AKR Packaged Fuel PostA surveying team from Ministry of Energy and Natural R....

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AKR Update

Product & Service

AKR since 2010, has entered the Retail Petroleum market with coverage across the major islands of Indonesia and currently operates a network of 130 service stations. Fuel distributed by AKR comprises diesel, gasoline for motor vehicles and for fishing fleet/vessels.

AKR's retail fuel products are High Speed Diesel under brand name MINYAK SOLAR AKRA SOL and BENSIN PREMIUM AKRA 88 with brand name BENSIN PREMIUM AKRA 88. SPBN outlets of fishermen offers MINYAK SOLAR AKRA SOL. In addition, AKRA has recently introduced its new product BENSIN AKRA 92.

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AKR is at the forefront of fuels innovation and is committed to providing you with the best fuel for your vehicle.

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Retail Network

Currently, PT AKR Corporindo Tbk operates more than 140 fuel distribution facilities comprising of SPBN and SPBKB located in 79 Regencies and 12 Provinces across Indonesia.

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We gladly invite any businesses to become our partner in distributing fuel oil across Indonesia.

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